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The Calafate

It is a picturesque par excellence, located at the foot of the hill of the same name on the banks of Lake Argentino, 185 meters above sea level.

El Calafate is 315 km from Rio Gallegos, capital of the province of Santa Cruz.

This thriving city of almost 20,000 inhabitants still has some picturesque features in their architecture, such as houses with gabled roofs, and neighborhoods with similar constructions.

They make this place beautiful green colorful vegetation, composed of flowers of various kinds, among which stand out the roses, plus the amount of trees and pines that adorn the center of this tourist village.

Noteworthy is the sense of solidarity and communication of its people, vital signs for the traveler. Access is traveling the National Road No. 3 Provincial Route No. 5, National Route 40 and finally Provincial Route No. 11 (paved).